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  The town of Primorsko is a favourite destination to thousands of tourists who come here from all parts of the world every summer season. Primorsko is attractive with its favorable climate, beautiful nature, historic and cultural monuments, and hospitable native citizens and last but not least the varied attractions offered to the tourists. Primorsko is the best place for both calm family holiday and for active holiday with lots of parties, good emotions and unforgettable moments. The party here never ends.
  Primorsko offers you different choices to rest and entertain yourself - you can go sunbathing during the day or you can visit one of the remarkable nature and historic reserves situated on its territory, and in the evening you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the many restaurants in the town. The restaurants here offer not only the traditional Bulgarian cuisine but also a lot of fish delicacies, barbecue, and pizza. You can listen to live music and enjoy other attractions too.
  The most interesting part of the history and the culture of Primorsko is connected with the ancient Thracians who once live in this region. 4 sanctuaries, 12 dolmens and 10 hill necropolises have been discovered here. The most interesting of them is "The Beglik Tash" sanctuary, which reveals the cult of the ancients to the sun.
   A sanctuary discovered in 2003 is said to be the earliest dated Thracian sanctuary in South-Eastern Thrace and the Black Sea coast known to this moment. The ceramic utensils discovered, show that there existed communication between the native people and the peoples from the island of Crete, Troy and Egypt as early as the III c. B.C. The sanctuary relates to the cult to the Mother-God. The big rocks and stones of the sanctuary are partially hewed and arranged in unique forms.
  The town of Primorsko is situated on a small peninsula between the Stamopolo and the Diavolski (Devil's) bays. The landscape is varied and picturesque, a combination of thick forests, large coast beaches and exotic vegetation. Half of the town's beach consists of preserved dunes. Half of the town's beach consists of preserved dunes. From the representatives of the fauna you can see here dolphins, monk - wheals and a great variety of fish.
  The nature reserve Ropotamo, known for its rock phenomena Lavska glava (The Lion's head) and Zmeiska kashta (The dragon's house) is situated on the territory of the town. The Ropotamo river and the Diavolska River cross the town and some 6 kilometres away is the remarkable Maslen cape The sightseers can visit the world famous nature reserves Vodni lilii (The Water Lillies) and "The Ropotamo", protected areas like the Arkoutino marsh and the Stamopolo marsh and the Perla sand dunes.

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